How goes that triathlon training??


I’m about two months in and I still feel like I’m trying to catch my bearings. I seriously spend an hour trying to figure out my schedule every week even though it always changes!

With my ankle sprain and a secondary sprain (go figure) I’m not quite running yet and every time I need to be on the treadmill for over an hour it makes me want to commit murder BUT most of the workouts are happening.

I’m loving the bike and the studio is nice enough to let us use their bikes, which I love because I don’t have a trainer and their bikes have all the metrics right there so I know how hard I’m working. Swimming is also chugging along nicely though the swims feel like they take forever because they are yard based and not time based.

Finally, I went back to Andrea Blake and asked for her help to get me lifting heavy with some triathlon focused strength training. I literally just did Day 1 today but I’m excited to get that going. I have been slowly introducing the strength training/ circuit classes and boy have they been hurting!

This week is an official rest week, which might be the reason why I’ve finally found a moment to write about it but here is hoping to a solid week of training!

Here are some sweaty gym selfies from today. It was so hot at the gym and I have no idea why I wore a long sleeved shirt!






2017 Wrap up


I’m two weeks into 2018 so clearly I’m behind already, no pressure Wilson!

The year might have ended a little rough for me with my ankle sprain but there was so much good that happened in the year.

  • I signed up and got through Learn to row at the Ottawa Rowing Club
  • My sisters and mom showed some interest in running and did TWO runs and signed up (mostly) for an OCR in 2018.
  • I co lead a half marathon leading up to race weekend.
  • I trained a couple of half marathon distances.
  • Did my first try a tri
  • Signed up for (what seemed like the most expensive and ridiculous program) readying me for a summer tri.
  • Had some serious gains strength training.

While some of these things have been set back over the last 8 weeks I’ still accomplished a ton. #gome



It isn’t a secret that I’m a bit of a klutz but I think I might have outdone myself this week.

Let me set the scene for you.

It was a beautiful sunny crisp day, there was promise of rain / snow in the coming days but today the skies were clear.  I was leaving work nearly on time and about to head to my favourite gym class followed up by a run with the bestie. I was in for a good day and my backpack was packed with everything I needed (aka a lot of stuff).

The sun was in my eyes and suddenly I was doing a nose dive off the curb into the parking lot. I tried to moved out of the way of someone and I had misjudged the distance to the curb and went flying. My backpack flew overhead and before I knew it, I was down with two distinct pops. Trying to stand up, I was hit with blinding pain as someone offered me a hand and moved me back onto the curb.

Being someone who is isn’t new to falling, I stood for a bit waiting for the pain to subside. Figuring I would be good to go, after all, I just went through an issue wit my right ankle and that wasn’t so bad.

The pain didn’t subside. I was fairly confident it wasn’t broken but was a bit worried about the popping noises. A visit to the hospital confirmed it I had given myself a pretty bad sprain which is taking me out of running for 4 – 6 weeks. The doctor promised I would be back swimming and biking before that.

In the grand scheme of things it isn’t too bad of an accident. I’m headed to who knows how much physio and I know I’ll bounce back.

I’m mostly just unbelievably frustrated with myself for being such a klutz. It didn’t happen out running or even on an icy day. Now I’m going to be sidelined at a time I should be working on my base to get ready for the upcoming Tri group I’m going to be doing in the new year.

For now though I’m going to put my foot up and read about running.




Some Army Run pictures


I’m just on a train from Toronto to Oshawa and I was going through my email and I found the link to the pictures so I thought I’d quickly post a couple.

I was signed up for the 1/2 at first but went down to the 10k with my ankle and the heat.


Did you just fat shame me?


I got fat shamed a few weeks ago and then the place tried to guilt me into continuing with them. No Lie.
I came across an opportunity that talked about balancing nutrition and exercise in a contest format and I jumped at the opportunity. They were looking for women who wanted to lose 50 lbs and the winner won $1000! Not only did I join but I brought on two friends.

Oh, man was I so excited to get started. I talked about it at run club, I sent in my sports bra and compression pant pics (never have I shared those with a stranger) and filled out the forms. Then things went downhill. I had a suspicions go up when my contact asked me if they could offer me some advice. Then BAM, I was told right away I was doing too much and they suggested a plan more suited to my body (a.k.a. weight). He asked if he could be honest and then said at my weight I shouldn’t be doing so much running.

The too much running I’ve been doing? Leading a 10k clinic. Which you would imagine the fact that I was leading it implied that I had some experience with the distance.

Before I did anything I asked my two girl friends if I was over reacting. I know I can be overly sensitive when my weight is a concern, before I even had a chance to respond to the companies email, both my friends pulled out of the program and the program director was calling me.

Luckily for me, I was at work and since it was a Tuesday I had to rush around to my strength class before leading my clinic. I also needed time to think.

These question’s I filled out didn’t ask about my past, they didn’t know I’d lost over 60 lbs and have kept it off for a few years or that I’ve been running for four years fairly consistently and pain free (pending my current ankle issues). Why did this man feel he was able to pass judgment on me without knowing the full story?

The owner of the company tried calling me several times over Facebook video, when that didn’t work she messaged, asked if she should even try calling again. She promised the employee would be pulled off my program, how it will be so great for me to participate and how his comments came from a place of concern since she was recently diagnosed with issues in her knees from running for years.

That night at my run clinic I had a mini panic attack. Running up Montreal Road (good times) luckily the athletic therapist I’d been seeing happened to be with me at the time and she offered some sound advice. Why was I letting someone who did those crazy fitness bikini contest pass judgment on me? I was going to be spending a lot of money on this six month thing and if it was already bad, how much worse could it get?

When I finally responded to the owner’s message I said I wasn’t comfortable with the language or the processes that were set up and that I didn’t think this was the right program for me (and therefore also pulling out my two friends).

The reply I got back was shocking, she told me how she had lost sleep over this (maybe she cried herself to sleep that previous night as well?) and how I would regret not participating and my friend’s lives would be negatively impacted by this.

Say what??

Did she seriously try to guilt me? Instead of responding with compassion and positive language did she really shame me further?

Oh the responses I wanted to write. Instead I just asked her to remove us from the program. Thankfully none of us had sent in any money yet.

The whole experience left me stunned…. Sure I’m super overweight. Yes this was a program to lose weight but I was so excited to have something that helped me figure out when to eat and what, to help fuel my crazy schedule. I couldn’t believe how violated I felt. Then I got angry, I got angry for letting these people get into my head when I am surrounded by so many amazing health professionals who have helped me reach my crazy and ridiculous goals without shaming me or making me feel less than.

Fuck her and that negativity. I’ll spend (oh and the money I spend) my hard earned dollars somewhere else! And I did, the next day I put down the first payment for a Triathlon training program.

My words of advice? If something seems off, push harder. Don’t settle for someone who makes you feel less than. Especially if you are paying them. I’m so glad I dodged that bullet.

My friends and I, we will be fine.

Rekindled Love Affair


I looked down at my legs amazed at the strength they seemed to possess, carrying me up over the hill just past five am. Where did they come from? How could I have taken them for granted. Why am I just seeing them now?

How long has it been since I even acknowledged them positively? The last time I might have been the first year of high school, where as teenage girl, I cried over having to buy size 13 jeans but they were long and I was tall. It also didn’t hurt the blonde hair was barely there.

Then I dismissed them but they never left. They stood by me through high school, undergrad, moving away from home, more school, more work, not much exercise. Waiting patiently while I sat for hours, not making a noise when I complained how cumbersome they were, how nothing fit. Everything was short, my calves were too large so I couldn’t get tall boots. My things needed pants with stretch If they were to fit there and on my waist.

Running didn’t rekindle my love affair, in fact it might have driven me further away. How my legs ached, training for my first ten k I would come home and beg my partner to massage them. I hated how they jiggled when I ran or bruised if I didn’t wear compression pants or why couldn’t they go a little bit faster?  They took a beating as I pushed through more training…conquered the half marathon, found strength training, yoga, spin classes, and perhaps the highlight of my day, my bike  commute.

Here I was, just like every other morning no matter what I put it through the night before. I knew they would later carry me home. They did all this after a weekend filled with mountain climbing and running.

I found myself with a lump in my throat on that early day. I watched my legs spin, overwhelmed with how strong they had become, how they were never far away enabling me to get where I wanted to go.

#thankyou #gushymomentover

Toronto Oasis Zoo Run 5k


It finally happened- my sister & mom asked me to do the Oasis Zoo Run with them. There had been some talk about doing a run together but they finally picked one and we suckered my last sister into participating.

I was unbelievably excited. I got us all matching water bottles because they only had one water station at 3.5 and I booked my train ticket into Toronto. Running has transformed my life and I really wanted.

My family was nervous, not only was it (mostly) their first race but they received an email prior to the race that explained if they took too long they would be pulled off the course. As someone who has done a lot of races and is typically slow I’m well aware of cut off times but this email was particularly harsh and really left a poor taste in my mouth.

But race day was here. It was HOT and the zoo has some mini hills so it was unnecessarily harsh. My family who hadn’t done much training rallied but I think they might have suffered some consequences. First off… for the next race we do. I’ll be giving them all non-cotton socks. Every one of them had cotton socks on and if you have run a bit, you know cotton is rotten.

We freaking finished it and I hopped on a train to head back to Ottawa so I could run with my clinic Sunday morning.

Oasis Zoo Recap:

The course is nice, you are running beside animals!

The first water station being at 3.5 wasn’t ideal… especially with the super hot day.

The atmosphere is great, tons of costumes and great volunteers along the route

Neat medal – this year was a panda (my spirit animal).

The t-shirt wasn’t a tech shirt whereas two years ago it was. What was up with that?

An amazing post race buffet

The course start and end was a bit confusing, especially trying to work our way out.

The pre race organization was well executed…. Including race kit pickup and parking was a dream!

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