Runners urm… Issues


I was unusually nervous for a ten k. I was set for a great Night Race; the rain cooled off the ground, it was a fun run, lots of people were around.

The first five k were easy, my friends set a pace that just challenged me a bit but I could keep up then it hit me. My stomach began the churn. I slowed down, convinced I would be fine.

Kilometer 6 might have been the hardest kilometer I’ve ever ran. I ended up walking most of it. I admitted defeat, turned off my headlamp and walked off the course. Take this warning to never run without tissues. I have no idea when they were from but I was so thankful I had them.

All in all, I managed to finish the race- kilometer 7, only took 10.30 to do. Which I felt was pretty impressive considering.

Just always remember the tissues.




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