A goal without a plan is a dream


Yup, it is that time of year. The gyms will be packed and diet food ads will be everywhere. The last couple of years, my big resolution has been to learn the djembe but I need to come across one before I can learn it. But I digress.

2016 was great for for my fitness strides. I learned that I love doing things and that I’m capable of things, I didn’t even imagine were possible a couple of years ago. I learned that there are so many people out there who have my back and are willing to help me reach whatever goal I choose to reach for. I learned that I have the ability to inspire others to do their own things. #warmfuzzies  I was fortunate enough to spend my New Years Eve doing things that make me happy in a sports trifecta of spinning, running and yoga.

My mantra for 2017 is “just go for it”. I have everything I need to accomplish my goals of 2017. Which are (see how I lead us there?)

  1. A goal of a 2:15-2:30 half marathon time. 2:30 should be reachable because with my bathroom delay of 2016’s Race Weekend I wasn’t that far off. Race weekend and Army Run, here I come.
  2. Work my way up to an Olympic distance triathlon. Starting with the Try a tri with Somersault’s Early Bird 
  3. 2017 km’s of biking, running or swimming.

Not too shabby, it looks like I’m in for a very exciting year. I’m glad you are coming along with me!


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