Book Review – Women Who Tri; A Reluctant Athlete’s Journey into the Heart of America’s Newest Obsession.


Book Review – Women Who Tri; A Reluctant Athlete’s Journey into the Heart of America’s Newest Obsession.

A few days into my staycation and I’m adapting quite well to sleeping in. I had two goals for the week, well three if you include cleaning. First is to get my tri training on track, June was not a very productive month training wise and to get up to par for the August tri, I need to start putting in the work. So far it has been a lot of driving and not a lot of moving but I have some time.

Second was to read, I felt I like it had been forever since I just sat and read.

So here we are. I’m not exactly the target market of this book. I lack the multiple children trying to squeeze in the hours of training, despite my weight I’ve been lucky with a lack of illness but I still laughed, got a bit teary eyed and really enjoyed this read on my patio chair with a beer in hand. Alicia found a solid mix of research, warm-hearted honesty commentary and snap shot into a varying women exploring how strong they can be.

There were times I was taking pictures of the content to send to my partner, especially those pages about being Triathlon widowers or divorcees! I got a bit choked up with the stories of how many people who saw her competing and joined in on their own fitness journeys. I felt mind-boggingly grateful for how lucky I am to have my health. It might have given me a bit of a boost to get on that horse today and do a workout.

The honesty about the pricing of triathlon training is very off putting. For my Try a Tri I just used everything I already owned, no special equipment at all but it looks like that might change as I get deeper into the sport but for now… I should go out and get my run in.


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