Gah- putting yourself out there


This is seriously not my strong suit but this year I’m working on it.

That is why this blog exists, why I signed up for Polar Hero and debating other OCR, why I’m starting to train for a triathlon and why I’m going to apply for an ambassador program.

Since I’ve started on my fitness/health journey it has always surprised me when people told me how bad ass and inspirational I am. I need to take that to heart and actively work on being inspiration



Polar Hero Ottawa


On a cold February morning, Polar Hero descended down on TD Place. I was terrified, when we signed up months ago it seemed just far away that I didn’t have to worry about it. I had to keep a strong face because my friend I was doing it with wasn’t a runner and if I showed any fear, I was worried she would run for the hills! Or away from the hills in this case.

I rushed for the bus and in my haste forgot my hikers I was going to wear. Which meant, I was doing a run in these babies:


There is a first for everything.

The crowds weren’t crazy and the heats were distributed nicely, which meant people weren’t crawling all over at each obstacle. It also meant that I had some time to collect myself before attempting something I found terrifying. I.e. heading down a hill on a crazy carpet! When do adults become so cautious? I must have done that 100 times as a kid but that bump at the bottom looked intense (have no fear I survived with all my bones intact). I attempted almost every single obstacle. Attempted. I was not nearly as successful.

Turns out I need to work on some upper body to get across the rings and use those ropes. The final climb over obstacle also gave me a run for my money. I think my boots were too soaked and my legs too bruised to actually swing my leg over.

There were times I questioned my safety, especially for someone as clumsy as I. Some of the plates covering the ground acted like sneaky patches of black ice and the snow covered stadium climb. Oh my! But I really had a blast and highly recommend the laid back atmosphere for anyone who wants to get into OCR. And it is in the winter- how Canadian is that??

Next year obstacles. I’ll get you. Goal is to work on being able to get across the rings and swing myself across the rope. AND get more then two feet off the ground on the rope climb.

The swag was also great- I left with a tech t-shirt, buff, toque and awesome medal. Seriously some of the best swag from a race.




And they had awesome music.

A goal without a plan is a dream


Yup, it is that time of year. The gyms will be packed and diet food ads will be everywhere. The last couple of years, my big resolution has been to learn the djembe but I need to come across one before I can learn it. But I digress.

2016 was great for for my fitness strides. I learned that I love doing things and that I’m capable of things, I didn’t even imagine were possible a couple of years ago. I learned that there are so many people out there who have my back and are willing to help me reach whatever goal I choose to reach for. I learned that I have the ability to inspire others to do their own things. #warmfuzzies  I was fortunate enough to spend my New Years Eve doing things that make me happy in a sports trifecta of spinning, running and yoga.

My mantra for 2017 is “just go for it”. I have everything I need to accomplish my goals of 2017. Which are (see how I lead us there?)

  1. A goal of a 2:15-2:30 half marathon time. 2:30 should be reachable because with my bathroom delay of 2016’s Race Weekend I wasn’t that far off. Race weekend and Army Run, here I come.
  2. Work my way up to an Olympic distance triathlon. Starting with the Try a tri with Somersault’s Early Bird 
  3. 2017 km’s of biking, running or swimming.

Not too shabby, it looks like I’m in for a very exciting year. I’m glad you are coming along with me!

2016 in Review


There is something about the fresh crunch of snow on January 1, that speaks to the fresh start of the new year. The possibility of what is to come, the promise and excitement of the unknown. Before I get there though, let’s talk about last year.

2016 was a huge year for me. I spent the first half of the year in physio recovering from the bus accident and I was fortunate to run my first half marathon. There were no record speeds happening but I dragged my plus sized self across the finish line. Two years ago, I couldn’t run more then five minutes. I am still blown away by the fact I did it. I also started bike commuting and made it until the end of November before I sadly packed my bike away. I now covet anyone I see on a fat bike and count down the days until I can get back out there. I joined a small group fitness class, that most days, I don’t think I’m going to finish the hour but I continue to go back and my burpee form is improving. I tried yoga and went kayaking. So many things I was terrified to do before. I did it.

I also “started” this blog. I have yet to really publish much but 2017 should be a different story. I want to really ramp up and get into the longer running distances and tri’s, I need this.

Now to end this up. Here is a shot of a few of the #RunningRoom buddies from the Slater store, finishing up a snowy Resolution Run.





Runners urm… Issues


I was unusually nervous for a ten k. I was set for a great Night Race; the rain cooled off the ground, it was a fun run, lots of people were around.

The first five k were easy, my friends set a pace that just challenged me a bit but I could keep up then it hit me. My stomach began the churn. I slowed down, convinced I would be fine.

Kilometer 6 might have been the hardest kilometer I’ve ever ran. I ended up walking most of it. I admitted defeat, turned off my headlamp and walked off the course. Take this warning to never run without tissues. I have no idea when they were from but I was so thankful I had them.

All in all, I managed to finish the race- kilometer 7, only took 10.30 to do. Which I felt was pretty impressive considering.

Just always remember the tissues.