Runners urm… Issues


I was unusually nervous for a ten k. I was set for a great Night Race; the rain cooled off the ground, it was a fun run, lots of people were around.

The first five k were easy, my friends set a pace that just challenged me a bit but I could keep up then it hit me. My stomach began the churn. I slowed down, convinced I would be fine.

Kilometer 6 might have been the hardest kilometer I’ve ever ran. I ended up walking most of it. I admitted defeat, turned off my headlamp and walked off the course. Take this warning to never run without tissues. I have no idea when they were from but I was so thankful I had them.

All in all, I managed to finish the race- kilometer 7, only took 10.30 to do. Which I felt was pretty impressive considering.

Just always remember the tissues.



About time


This has been in the making for awhile now but fell to the wayside because of procrastination. No more! Tune in for all the details about me expanding my running base and dipping my toes into the tri pool.