Start a blog I thought


For September,  I thought I would test out keeping a bullet journal. As the month went on there was some things I was killing it at. Like water, 98% of the time I was hitting that goal.

Then there was this one:


Or two depending how closely you look. Not only was I not going to Goodlife but I wasn’t blogging. Not that I haven’t had a lot going on, but I struggle with the the idea of “worthwhile content”. I miss writing though, it is such a great way to process and internalize. Have to rectify that for October.

Does anyone out there bullet journal? What do you track?


2016 in Review


There is something about the fresh crunch of snow on January 1, that speaks to the fresh start of the new year. The possibility of what is to come, the promise and excitement of the unknown. Before I get there though, let’s talk about last year.

2016 was a huge year for me. I spent the first half of the year in physio recovering from the bus accident and I was fortunate to run my first half marathon. There were no record speeds happening but I dragged my plus sized self across the finish line. Two years ago, I couldn’t run more then five minutes. I am still blown away by the fact I did it. I also started bike commuting and made it until the end of November before I sadly packed my bike away. I now covet anyone I see on a fat bike and count down the days until I can get back out there. I joined a small group fitness class, that most days, I don’t think I’m going to finish the hour but I continue to go back and my burpee form is improving. I tried yoga and went kayaking. So many things I was terrified to do before. I did it.

I also “started” this blog. I have yet to really publish much but 2017 should be a different story. I want to really ramp up and get into the longer running distances and tri’s, I need this.

Now to end this up. Here is a shot of a few of the #RunningRoom buddies from the Slater store, finishing up a snowy Resolution Run.